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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SimonB27 8 / 10

Very good no-nonsense thriller - better than Bond any day

Why did I like his film?.. because it's a no-nonsense action movie, good characters, well-acted with a sensible plot and script. It doesn't waste its or my time with silly globe-trotting locations, implausible Aston Martins, costume changes, larger than life villains or impossibly glamorous love-interests.

You get what you pay for and, without all the pretentious crap, you actually get more of what you are paying for.

A number of reviewers have lamented the lack of budget but if that means we get a tense claustrophobic thriller based in one city instead of Bond tearing up one city before impossibly evading all law enforcement to arrive immediately in another city with an entirely new wardrobe and armoury to tear that one up too then hooray for small budgets. Think of every way the last three Bond films have annoyed you with their ludicrous locations, grandiloquent set pieces, irritating in-jokes, preposterous gadgets, pompous (and insultingly inconsistent) self-references, contrived plots and ego-centric main character without whom it would seem a lot more people would stay alive. Well this film doesn't; it just gets on with plot and character and action keeping everything tight and exciting.

Idris Elba is excellent if a little terrifying using his sheer size and presence to great effect. Richard Madden also plays well against his Rob Stark type as a weak and frightened character, not the instant hero you get in so many movies. Other characters are good too including the wonderful Thierry Godard from Spiral.

Yes the budget is lower than a blockbuster Bond film and the film is the better for it. It's much more in the style of the early Bourne or Taken movies. The rooftop chase is far more realistic than any Bond film with people slipping and sliding about dangerously, knocking over chimney pots and generally looking rather scared rather than as though this is something they have trained for for months. I'm quite sure real CIA agents actually spend most of their time in unglamourous locations, in unglamourous cars and this film is the more realistic for showing it that way.

If you want to see a good tight realistic (so far as it goes obviously) thriller go and see this film and give it the support it deserves. If you like pretty shiny things and shots of holiday destinations and don't care about why a secret agent tasked with the one job of keeping the head of the secret service alive would fail to do just that by playing Home Alone in Scotland instead of just placing one call for backup, then go see a Bond film instead.

Elba would be wasted in a Bond film but he was excellent in this well made thriller that is better than a Bond film any day of the week.

Reviewed by bob-the-movie-man 3 / 10

'B' for 'Bastille'; 'B' for 'B-movie'

Idris Elba plays "reckless and irresponsible" American CIA operative Sean Briar who is one step ahead of the French police in getting to the bottom of a fatal terrorist bombing in Paris. The apparent bomber is n'er do well pickpocket Michael Mason (Richard Madden, "Game of Thrones", "Cinderella") who gets more than he bargains for when he snatches the wrong bag from bomb-mule Zoe (Charlotte Le Bon, "The Hundred Foot Journey"). Teaming up as an unlikely duo, the two chase around (mostly drab) Paris locations to uncover the plot, pursued by well-connected 'terrorists', led by Rafi Bertrand (Thierry Godard), who actually have a much greedier ulterior motive.

There is really very little going for this film. The film is an uneasy mish-mash of the plots from Die Hard and (perm-any-one-of-five) recent Liam Neeson movies, laced with elements of Bourne. It all never quite gels into a satisfactory whole.

Not wishing to be controversial, but given Idris Elba's undoubted star quality he should only really need to play to his potential to get a well-deserved Oscar nomination this year. Unfortunately, this is not the film that delivers him the material to show that, and he spends most of the film saying little (in a strangely Hackney-fied US accent) and looking broodingly 'reckless and irresponsible'. Richard Madden fares little better, trying to wield some well-worn buddy-cop comedy lines that are neither convincing nor particularly funny. Rafi Bertrand (Thierry Godard) ends up looking like an uglier version of Ricky Gervais (I expect a retweet of this review from #rickygervais for that!) which is a bit difficult to get past to take his character seriously.

Giving a much better performance is the very attractive Charlotte Le Bon, who is by far the best thing in the film.

Clearly not the film-makers fault, but the movie (with a delayed release for obvious reasons) is a little too close to real-life comfort given the Paris bombings of November 2015: I suspect that as a result the bombing scene was probably edited down somewhat from its original cut in the interests of taste, which is no bad thing as it is an effective sequence for both the visuals and the sound mixing. The uneasy 'West vs Islam' undertone throughout the film's story makes for queasy and unsettling viewing though.

Where the film clunks to the floor is in the paint-by-numbers storyline and dialogue. The fact that the film stoops to an exploitative opening shot of a naked accomplice (a barely - no pun intended - credited Stéphane Caillard) is a sign of what's to come. Some of the scenes (particularly one with CIA boss Karen Dacre (Kelly Reilly, "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows")) are utterly predictable and others (like a sniper attempt to shoot Mason) so jaw-droopingly inept as to quash any sense of tension. The finale, featuring a Bastille Day storming of the fascist banking citadel single-handedly by Zoe, like some modern day Marianne, is pretty ludicrous.

The special effects budget is funded by the same banker as "London has Fallen" (i.e. inadequately) with some scenes such as the (otherwise exciting) rooftop chase lacking the authenticity of a Bond or a Bourne, and the use of what I thought was an obviously model helicopter at one point.

Direction is by James Watkins, a Brit who did the passably chilling "Woman in Black". I feel vaguely guilty for rating it the way I do as the whole film smells of people trying really hard with the money they had available. Perhaps with a bigger budget it could have been better. According to the film "the hashtags will push it over". In that case, #bastilleday #avoid.

Reviewed by 3xHCCH 8 / 10

Imposing and Exciting Idris Elba

Idris Elba has been in big Marvel films like "Thor" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron", but I don't really know how he looked like without the Heimdall costume. He had a performance last year in the film "Beasts of No Nation" which triggered controversy when he was not nominated for an Oscar, but this was not shown locally. Just this year, he had been in two films, "Zootopia" and "The Jungle Book." However in both films, we only hear his deep imposing voice. With this film "Bastille Day," we finally see Idris Elba as a modern day action hero, not far from the news that he is being touted to be the next James Bond.

Michael Mason is a skillful American thief in Paris. One day, he steals a bag from a distraught girl on the street named Zoe. After getting her cell phone and seeing nothing else of apparent value in the bag, he throws it into a garbage dump. The unexpected happens, killing four people and triggering mass paranoia and discontent in the city of Lights. CIA operative Sean Briar goes over and beyond his assignment to get to Mason and secure him before the French Police do, uncovering an insidiously complex plot which will come to pass on Bastille Day.

Idris Elba is as imposing and impressive as his voice was. When asked why he ran away, Mason quipped, "Don't you see how you look like?" Elba's Briar was big, macho, tough and scary, anyone would have tried to run if he comes to get him. As an agent, Briar was an independent-minded and reckless rouge to the chagrin of his CIA bosses, but to the delight of the audience. If this was a preview of how he would be as James Bond, it makes us all eager to see how Elba will transform the iconic role as his own.

Richard Madden is more known to many as the ill-fated Robb Stark on HBO's "Game of Thrones". After he bid the TV series goodbye via a bloody Red Wedding, he went on to be Prince Charming in the live action version of "Cinderella." Physically, Madden looked like a scared boy when placed side by side with the intimidating Idris Elba, which made him just right for the role of the unfortunate Mason, a guy who just so happened to steal the wrong bag. I liked the chemistry that was built between the two characters.

I was floored by the action sequences of this film, so raw with bone- crunching realism. I liked that the chase and fight scenes were not too obviously choreographed. That chase scene on the rooftops would have been flawless parkour stunts in another film. But here it was shaky and so uncertain that it created so much tension, so much better. The execution of the many twists and turns of the story was very effectively done, such that we never would have seen the climax miles away. I would not mind a sequel as the ending seemed to suggest. 8/10.

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