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Rachel Alig as Lauren
Amy Lindsay as Mary
Vanessa Sheri as Stripper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wildmanmw 3 / 10

Great if you like terrible acting mixed with a fair amount of breasts

The basic set-up is a sexually frustrated bride-to-be gives her fiance a hall pass to get his freak on in Vegas. She tries to ensure this by telling the best man (who apparently is an employee in her company) he will get a promotion if he gets the groom laid.

Honestly their isn't any point in telling you anything further regarding the plot. The acting is SO bad. The topless women are really the only reason to watch this bomb. If this is your only option to watch, you might consider giving your goldfish a bath, maybe even counting hair follicles, learning to levitate, or even master the Time Warp!

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