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Ice Cube as Nick Persons
Nia Long as Suzanne Kingston
Aleisha Allen as Lindsey Kingston
Tracy Morgan as Satchel Paige
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skippydmb 1 / 10


This movie was worse than I thought it could have ever been. I know this was a kids movie but even the theater 1/3 of the way full, mostly with kids only laughed a few times. Calling things just before they would happen is probably the only thing that got me through this trash. It was so predictable that is actually bothered me. The whole movie surrounded this dope fly vehicle of Cubes, it wasn't even that great of a car. Spinning rims!! OH SHNAP YO!!!! I never would have predicted the ending either. Damn I bet she still wants him even after he beets the crap out of some snowmen and her kids end up with some trucker and on trains and ...... oh forget it. and check out the horse that Cube rides next to the train. I picked it out at being fake in the first shot of it. This made Garfield look good and that was just horrible. If at all possible, never ever see this movie. You will be a better person in the long run.

Reviewed by Christy Goodman 4 / 10

Are we DONE yet?

Long distance driving, constant headaches, groaning and claustrophobia. Then, that tedious question arises...Are we there yet? But in the new flick, Are we there yet?, that question takes a new meaning.

Through a series of worst-case scenarios from deer attacks to a train race on horseback, Nick Persons (Ice Cube, Barbershop) experiences it all.

Beginning a timid romance between Persons and Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long, Boiler Room), possible babysitters for her children while she's away becomes few and far between, leaving Persons, a child-hater as the only viable option. He must transport Kingston's two "angelic" children 350 miles from Oregon to Vancouver. They attempt to make it in 24 hours by plane, train and automobile.

Directed by Brian Levant, director of Snow Dogs (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Jingle All The Way (Arnold Schwarzenegger), he defines his love for making family-fun movies.

For what it was worth, the acting was decent. Ice Cube played a better role than I expected. Aleisha Allen (School of Rock) and Philip Bolden (Johnson Family Vacation) were well-cast. And the cherry on top of the acting was Jay Mohr (Pay It Forward, Jerry Maguire). The way the actors worked together accented the movie.

Cinematography in this movie was exactly what I expected. There were a few intriguing camera angles, better than I've seen from directors of Levant's credibility.

The rating was well chosen as PG. There was minor language and rude humor.

Noticing half of the theater filled with children ranging from five to twelve, and tons of parents, I'd definitely suggest staying away from this movie on a date. There were periodic jokes and entertaining scenes, but if you don't like "kiddy" movies, I would not encourage this.

Reviewed by nedzelic 1 / 10

Worst movie EVER

I have never written on IMDb and never have on any other movie review sites but i felt compelled to for this one. What a load of garbage. The worst movie i have ever seen at the movies by far. I was coaxed into going little did i know that it was a kids movie - it has Ice Cube in for God's sake. I thought at least it could be like one of those crappy DMX action movies but it wasn't even up to that low standard. I mean come on people! A summary of why this the worst movie i have ever seen

- typically American style for a kids flick - ie really cheesy, corny lines, happy ending - need i go on - predicable - gee, i din't see that last seen coming - nothing new: man falls in love with a woman the first time he sees her - had no moral message - Plot summary: just cos she's beautiful; he offers in an attempt to get into her pants to look after her kids who surprise surprise are brats; they don't like like him at first then they end up liking him; the woman doesn't appreciate what he does until she sees how her kids love him and see him as their new dad; then the final scene is them kissing on new years at midnight -

Absolute GARBAGE - i cannot emphasizes this enough If any sane mined person with an IQ of above 50 wants to spend $12; WARNING this not the way. The only thing that kept me in the theater for the whole tow hours 110 mins was the comfortable seats


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