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Emilio Estevez as Bill Reimers
Madeleine Stowe as Maria McGuire
Richard Dreyfuss as Chris Lecce
Cathy Moriarty as Lu Delano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ryan-george-2 10 / 10


Where to start... I genuinely appreciated Rosie O'Donnels performance in this film. Totally believable. The action scenes were epic, and I think influenced a lot of movies that came after it... specifically buddy cop sequels. The jokes were hilarious and the comedic timing was perfect. It was the first time I've seen a storyline like this in a story about cops. So that was very refreshing for me. Richard Dreyfuss and Emelio Estevez... A duo that you wouldn't expect to see on film... But wow... Total chemistry!! Line after line was just gold for me. I highly recommend this movie. I've told all my friends about it and they agree.

Reviewed by ajbleed 10 / 10

Another Stakeout deconstructs a genre and reinvigorates modern cinema!

The first time I saw Another Stakeout was on opening night back in 1993. I had just gone through a nasty divorce and was living out of my Saturn. And I was floored by this movie. As the final credits rolled I applauded so loudly and hard that I bruised the bone in my left palm and several movie goers murmured "He must be drunk..." I finally stood up and yelled "You're drunk and stupid if you didn't get this masterpiece." I didn't leave the theater and sat there through three more consecutive showings. And I haven't looked back ever since.

And with the exception of the one time I had a stroke while watching Another Stakeout and wasn't discovered for two days while I stared at a paused image of Dreyfuss and Estevez, I have enjoyed all 428 times I have seen this movie.

This film isn't just funny, action packed and filled with characters we can relate to, it's a world we find ourselves wishing we could live in rather than the dark and nasty one we currently reside in. And though we quote the movie and dress up as characters from it every Halloween the sad truth is that the world doesn't work like Another Stakeout. When you watch someone through a window of their home you don't end up falling in love and there isn't a buddy next to you to crack wise with. The police show up and people yell and cry...

Ordinarily I say "to each his own" when it comes to opinions about movies, but if you don't like AS 2 then you're not worth a cup of feces with a cigarette butt in it.

Reviewed by kai ringler 6 / 10

Emilio's stakeout

first off I thought the movie was very funny , Emilio Estevez once again is very good,, Richard Dreyfus was OK,, I liked Miguel Ferrer's part as the hit-man assigned to the case. Rosie o donell on the other hand I just had to tune out, boy she can really get annoying. Dennis Farina on the other hand was very fun to watch , and had some good one liners to boot.. the plot isn't that bad,, state has to make a case,, the main witness is almost blown to pieces and proceeds to hideout somewhere far away,, but not far enough that our bad guys can't find her without some help.. some of the movie has flaws sure,, but I think mainly that it was made for laughs, and not so much plot points or stuff like that,, if there was a diff leading lady other than Rosie I would have rated it higher for sure.

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