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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ms-shaye1984 10 / 10

Great movie

I bought this movie because it has three actors that I am very familiar with, one being in my top 10 favorites- Michael Jai White. I have read all of the comments. Yes, I do agree with many of the comments that is another ROBOCOP, but whether this movie is low budget, in your opinion, has nothing to do with the greatness of a movie. Yes, at the beginning, I thought ROBOCOP,but a 2014 Robocop in which many children can better understand, being that technology has definitely changed since the original Robocop was released in 1987. Android Cop has a different plot. Michael Jai White didn't know he was an Android Cop, which made the plot better. What he thought was reality, wasn't. In which all of us go through that on a daily basis- hence the continuous arguments that we have within all of our relationships. Robocop wasn't as helpful and detailed and tech savvy as Android cop. Robocop couldn't pull up bank records and other personal detailed information to know whether or not you, potential criminals or criminal, were threats for the particular issue. I would recommend this movie. It was well worth my money and will watch it again.

Reviewed by MrBigDub 8 / 10

Android Cop - not Murphy, but it entertains

Ah, another blockbuster, another knock-off. This time, it is of the RoboCop remake. I picked the combo-pack from my local Best Buy today. Basic Plot: A human cop is teamed up with a machine while sinister forces watch and wait (hardly a spoiler, the box itself gives us as much). In other words, this is a RoboCop knock-off.

I will just tell it like it is. The action scenes are pretty good. Michael Jai White is visibly doing all his own fighting and probably most of his own stunts (minus a couple CGI stunts – you'll know them when you see them). No complaints about the hand-to-hand combat. And when the guns come out the shooting stays pretty exciting. It's on par with 3 Musketeers (also from The Asylum).

The CGI, in my opinion, deserves its own paragraph. For once, the CGI was developed in-house so The Asylum didn't have to rely on the always fake looking effects of "Tiny Juggernaut". The CGI looks way better and a certain vehicle used in the film looks very real, like it was actually there. That and those two afore-mentioned stunts were pretty much the only visual effects used in the whole movie. They didn't go for the "robot point-of-view" (like in AVH: Aliens vs Hunter) or have everything get CGI exploded (like in 3 Musketeers). Quite the opposite: when something blows up (and that's very seldom), it's with real explosives!

The acting is pretty good. All actors do a pretty good job. There's plenty of action movie acting and very little character development but, all in all, better than I've seen in similar films. Charles S. Dutton is really going for the Oscar at the end of the film. And one must give props to Randy Wayne who has the hardest job of all – the title character.

All things considered, this is an entertaining little movie. It's not perfect and switches from night time to day in some places; not to mention the plot holes. And yet, it delivers everything it promises. Often when someone says "a film from The Asylum", people panic and run the other way. But, if you give "Android Cop" a chance, you're in for a treat. I give this movie eight out of ten stars.

Reviewed by Kdanu_Reeves 2 / 10

Doesn't even have the 'so bad it's good' factor that Asylum often gets right

45 minutes worth of script expanded to a 90 minute movie makes this for a pretty dull ride for the most part, often moving at a snails pace.

I like Michael Jai White and think that he's a good action-star but he doesn't always have the best luck with the quality of movies he get to do, and this is without a doubt the worst movie I've seen him in.

It's basically a rip off of Robocop, but I didn't really expect much else, I did expect to be at least somewhat entertained (even if part of the entertainment would most likely be for the 'wrong reasons') but even that did not ring true.

Michael Jai White feels uninspired but his natural charisma brings the rating up one notch without even trying.

It makes some attempt at adding the occasional joke here and there to lighten the mood from the 'serious tone' of the movie but the comedic timing is so off that it gets more cringe-worthy than anything else.

Also offers one of the most predictable twists in the end that I've seen in a long long time.

Acting: 3/10, Productionvalue: 2/10, Script: 1/10

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