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Beth Behrs as Heidi
C. Thomas Howell as Alumnus Guy #2 - Special Appearance
Curtis Armstrong as Mr. O'Donnell
Rosanna Arquette as Rob's Mom
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Reviewed by Thirucumaran Ratnavadivel 1 / 10

If you're suicidal, go ahead and watch it

Frankly, I would give this one 0 stars if I could!

I've watched the previous 6 American Pie movies, waiting eagerly for each of them to be released.

Band camp was bad, but Naked Mile and Beta House were quite funny, though not as good as the first 3.

However, The Book of Love made me, for the first time ever, regret watching a movie.

I'm not the type who criticizes movies as bad easily, but this has to top it as one of the worst movies ever.

Yes, the tits were nice, but like one person mentioned in, the tits-to-asses ration was skewed heavily in favor of tits, making the movie a bit of a dampener.

I suppose I could've given 2 or 3 stars had someone else better played Stifler.

Frankly, either John Patrick Jordan never watched the preceding 6 parts of AP or else he's a really bad actor.

I mean, his acting was the type where you'd love to somehow kick him in the mid-section if you got a chance. He completely ruined the Stifler 'legacy' with his rigid acting and his laugh, which sounded more like it was coming from a smurf! (Apologies to the smurf community for the insult)

Reviewed by Riyaz Malik 3 / 10

Worst of all American Pie Parts

I saw this movie yesterday and i just wasted my 1:30 hr for watching this movie,u do not expect a great movie out of it but at least it should be a bit entertaining than the previous versions or par with the previous bone crackers.Actors are not at all good.Stifler(who has a bit of commanding role) is a complete waste in this movie,actors are not gorgeous or at least beautiful or at least pleasing,this version has severed the fame of American Pie brand and a huge disappointment to lot of teen comedy lovers.At least they should have repeated actors which may have made the movie a little bit dandy.So sit back and watch other movies instead of wasting your time and money on it.

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