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Michael Dudikoff as Sgt. Joe Armstrong
Steve James as Sgt. Curtis Jackson
Larry Poindexter as Sgt. Charlie McDonald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by barada 10 / 10

American Ninja II is a likable action romp that rises above it's low budget and entertains

Don't go into this expecting a Steven Seagal or Van Damme type movie. This was made when the Ninja was big on the small screen. I've seen countless Videos of Ninja movies, but this one, with Ninja III:The Domination, stuck in the mind.

Looking back on it, this movie somewhat tacky now but it's about entertainment more than anything. The story is feeble, but you want to see this for the action above anything else.

Steve James is about the only one in the film that acts really, I really can't see how he never made top billing around all the cardboard actors on screen. I saw this movie many years ago and thought it was an excellent movie back in my "Ninja phase", it's bad in places and fun in others. Don't go into this with a straight face, try and enjoy it as a fun "straight to video" movie.

Reviewed by cannibalelvis 10 / 10

The Citizen Kane, or crappy 80's ninja movies.

Crapped out of the minds of the people who brought us: NINJA III: THE DOMINATION, CYBORG COP II, SPIDERS II: BREEDING GROUND, and +sigh+ the amazing BREAKIN' II: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO comes American NINJA III...I mean II. Whatever...

Joe Armstrong and Joe Jackson go to some island paradise, which of course in infested with ninjas. Good guys meet bad guys. Bad guys go dead. All is well in the land.

But THANK YOU GOLAN/GLOBUS for bringing us this might surpass DEATH WISH III as the funniest film of all time. It is perhaps one of those rare instances where every single person involved in any way with this film, was doing the most mediocre job possible. Truly some events like this only come along once in a lifetime. The fight choreography in this film is beyond comparison to anything in the modern world. It took three people to write this script, they probably thought it was clever that the first name of the bad guy "THE LION", is actually "LEO". HMMMMMM FORESHADOWING. Remember this word class....FORE SHA DOW ING.

One day I will buy the rights to this movie and re-dub it to my taste.

If you play with GI JOES and eat PASTE, this is probably you're favorite movie. If you're a 10 year old boy, you are forgiven. The rest of you FOR SHAME.

Steal this movie if you have's worth it. American NINJA II **** stars.comedy.1987

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