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Jake Gyllenhaal as Howard Birdwell
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Bill Hader as Doctor Turnstall
Beverly D'Angelo as Helen Eckle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MooveeVu 7 / 10

A shot to the head of political insensibility

Accidental Love - It's not really a "straight" comedy, a "black" comedy a "rom-com", a political satire it's more an "off kilter" comedy. A roller skating drive in restaurant waitress in a small Indiana town has the rest of her life planned and laid out for her, mainly due to her parents her policeman boyfriend/fiancé (shortest engagement in history here!) and basically the whole town. It's to be lived in the town of birth with the standard 2.5 children happily married to the hottest guy in town. That is until a wayward carpenter working through service at the "best restaurant in town" uses her head as a nail gun target during the longed for engagement dinner. This brings in the surgeons and nurses of the local medical company whom interrupt the "lifesaving" surgery when it's revealed that she has no health insurance. The nail to the brain creates all sorts of behavioral changes in the saintly Jessica Biel such as wildly aggressive mood swings, speaking in Portuguese at any time and, random nymphomania (which is the most interesting personality change to the fiancé). After an attempt by her vet qualified Aunt Rita (a smoking, drinking rough edged Kirstie Alley cameo) to remove the nail it's off to Washington to try and change the law so that ALL citizens can benefit from free emergency surgery. Backed up by a duo of an "unceasing hard onned" Reverend and his "anally challenged" sidekick it's off to the Capitol we go. An inexperienced senator (Jake Gyllenhaal) is the person to make it all happen but his boss seems to think that a "moon base" is more important than free surgery for her constituents. A series of mishaps involving (the aforementioned) nymphomania, a nail gun taken into the senator's offices, the "lesbianisation" of girl scouts and the non-appearance of Shakira set the wheels in motion for a rom-com/political satirical farce that is as far-fetched as could be but rather pleasing with its almost plausible review of those voted into the power positions and then ignoring those that put them there. Fairly predictable (the goodies win in the end as usual) but branching off into some random paths that are introduced just to take us in an unknown and seemingly unimportant direction it's just a bit o' fun. Humorous but not hilarious. Irreverent but not stupid. Far-fetched but not implausible. Accidental Love is a little movie with a lot of BIG stars in cameo roles. Enjoyable and fun. 7+/10

Reviewed by nycninjamarcelo 9 / 10

i loved the movie

very creative comedy movie that mixes past and present day showing in a particular way average people needs that are not listened or understood by the government or politicians, showing that the one thing politicians want in the whole world is take advantage of their current jobs to get what the really want (more money and power)forgetting people^s real problems (and needs; besides lying people promising something they wont do. Jake and Jessica are fantastic as usually in their performances, but the real performance came from the director, i had a great time watching the movie, and clearly had an important message after all, never lose hope, fight for what you want perhaps some great might come along.

Reviewed by Christopher Wilson 1 / 10

Only because I can NOT give it a zero!

Let me start this by saying sorry, sorry to whoever I hurt or offended which resulted in me watching this film. I must have done something down the line to be cursed with this! I guess this is an indication of where this review it set to go...

The cast of this film on the surface is a wonderful ensemble that would entice even the most cynical Rom-Com watcher like myself to take interest, however they were all beyond below average. I mean this is Jake Gyllenhaal one of the current best actors who comes across like he is winging every line, all the cast felt like they didn't know the script it was all just guess work. Which is beyond surprising considering I am a huge fan of the majority of them, in this film though there was zero chemistry and zero development of these people you were meant to relate to.

Onto the story a pretty boring one at that, none relatable characters, unbelievable events and a down right lack of Comedy. How this is considered a "comedy" I will never know, I smirked once, maybe twice it was a horribly written script everything said and done felt unnatural, the jokes just didn't land and the entire premise of the story was ridiculous. Which comes at as a shock because the writing team have turned out some good films and television shows in recent years, this just comes across as an attempt to not try at all. There was one scene in which Jake Gyllenhaal's character Howard is trying to escape a telling off by jumping out of a ground floor window, I felt like jumping out the second story window of my house at this point! The production of films is something I am yet to touch on in such a way in a review, however I can't help but think that the production of this film had a huge hand in making this film the mashed together piece of crap it turned out to be. There is countless stories of the production being shut down for many reasons including the lead actors walking off set on more than one occasion. Even resulting in director David O. Russell abandoning production after two years of set backs, pardon the language but the entire production turned into one big cluster f**k of incidents. Which leads me to believe resulted in the poorly cut together film, jumping from scene to scene without and fluidity to it, as WATW? said "Scenes chop and change making Accidental Love feel like a jigsaw puzzle that was put together in the dark." Overall, this film was abysmal, horrible, horrific ALL of the negative superlatives you could imagine and that is about 0.01% of how close you are. This film genuinely may be the worst film I have ever seen in my life time and that is saying something after 15 years and over 3,000 films seen. There was zero redeeming factors for this film for me, it is very easy to see why David O. Russell turned suit and ran the other way. Do NOT fall for Mr Russell's name on the poster this is nothing like he has done in recent years. If you don't want to take my word for it check out What About The Twinkie? or RT Write-Ups reviews of the film or any film fan reviewing site, I imagine they will all come to a similar conclusion.

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