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Howard Rollins as Captain Davenport
Adolph Caesar as Sergeant Waters
Art Evans as Private Wilkie
Robert Townsend as Corporal Ellis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert Reynolds 10 / 10

Fascinating mystery with a great script and a fine ensemble cast make this a must-see

This is an excellent film, at it's heart a case study in human psychology, but also a mystery and an intriguing one at that. The cast, mostly unknowns at the time, is fantastic and contains many now-familiar faces, most notably Denzel Washington and David Alan Grier. Adolph Caesar was nominated for an Oscar and Howard Rollins, Jr. probably should have been. Another highlight (at least for me) are the songs sung by Larry Riley and Patte LaBelle. This is a gem of a film, one that is most highly recommended.

Reviewed by lee3993 10 / 10

Howard Rollins - The next Sidney Potier???

In 1981 Howard Rollins' role as Coalhouse Walker, Jr. in the Depression Era drama, "Ragtime", probably paved the way for him to become a first rate black actor in Hollywood. However, it was his role as Capt. Davenport in 1984's "A Soldier's Story" that solidified that thought. Anyone who has seen 1967's "In the Heat of the Night", starring the one and only Sidney Potier, would certainly draw comparisons to the two performances. Rollins' performance is simply marvelous. As a World War II army officer, he is sent by his superiors to a base in a racially divided southern town to investigate the murder of a platoon sergeant under mysterious circumstances. Adolph Caesar's performance as Sgt. Waters(the victim in question), a veteran soldier(who happens to be black)who wreaks with animosity towards his own race is riveting. Although slightly built, his domineering persona, bigoted conviction, and ornery demeanor are imposing to say the least. Denzel Washington,(in one of his early roles) as Pfc. Peterson, is his usual conspicuous self. Wings Hauser, as Lt. Byrd,is perfect as a racist army officer who is a prime suspect in the case. Although most people who haven't seen "A Soldiers Story" will undoubtedly be shocked by its conclusion, it is the perfect ending to a movie that depicts how people are not only preyed upon by other races but also by corrupted descendants of its own lineage. As for Howard Rollins becoming the next Sidney Potier, his downfall and untimely death are well documented. However, the torch was obviously passed on to another actor featured in the film, Mr. Denzel Washington, who, like Sir Sidney Potier, is now considered one of the greatest actors of all time, black or otherwise.

Reviewed by ggustave 10 / 10

This film comes at you at so many different angles, never letting up on an agitated psychosis.

Fear, pain and anxiety bottled up in one insurmountable scope detailing the plight of the black political journey in a time where radical thoughts are called on to produce positive change. Great examples of the changing of the times thru the eyes of the aggrieved. What was thought to be socially acceptable by those without vision is instead exploited and exposed as hindrance not glory. The details in this film are on display by brilliant actors. The actions are quite believable where a light is fixed on the quality of authenticity of military conduct buried deep in the south. The entire film is not sad, there are performances by Patti LaBelle and a genuine feel the south. Though loyalty is recognized as the standards of propriety or morality, betrayal is exposed thru the story for the sake of justice.

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