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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jack Hunter 1 / 10

This could have been a 10, ...

... but I am obligated to give it just a 1 as moral of the story is just idiotic, main character is worthless wimp that does not deserve to be alive, much less be given a trusted position in business as a second in command.

OK, now, spoilers coming.

Film is solely about how sad it is that folks are losing their homes. Problem is that writer and/or director missed out on many, many, many opportunities to EDUCATE average imbecile who goes around borrowing money he cant pay back and instead lays blame on the banks and real estate agents.

Only in one short scene it is mentioned that person borrowed 25,000 to make addition to home that was extravagant.

But, if you are in debt to an extent where you can no longer afford your home, and you wait until they come to remove you, there is no other way to describe you except as an idiot.

Eviction procedures take minimum of 3 to 6 months. Before they even begin you need to miss three mortgage payments. There are far more laws protecting home owner than there are protecting tenants and yet even tenants who quit paying rent entirely still get to hang out for 3 months or so til you can get them removed.

So we are talking about 3-6 months time for folks to get their affairs in order, or relocate someplace cheaper. But instead of seeing their end results as sheer human stupidity, ... we should say "oh evil banks and real estate agents"? Why? You borrow money, you need to pay it back. If you cant, too bad for you.

If you don't want to end up like losers portrayed in this film, then don't live above your means, learn how to save money and don't have children you obviously cannot afford.

I have no sympathy nor mercy for fools.

Reviewed by watkins-29879 5 / 10

It was an enjoyable movie to watch but the ending ruined it

Short and simple. The movie was entertaining the whole way through. Only two parts I didn't like was the mom flipping out and the ending. How can you get that mad at your son and take his kid away. He did what he had to do to help his family survive. I just felt the mom was being ungrateful. I'm also pretty positive that his son would of become excited and jumped in that pool. Any kid at that age would be excited for a swimming pool. The ending was also pretty lame. I mean why end Soprano style. I feel like I wasted my time watching this movie because there really is no ending. Anything could of happened as it ended. If I would of known how it ends before watching I probably wouldn't of watched. So if your like me maybe this review will stop you from wasting time on what could have been a great movie. Movie was an 8 for me up until the end.

Reviewed by Nerj 7 / 10

Very well acted, but with a couple of distracting elements

I saw this at TIFF 2014 where it seemed to be received pretty positively.

Kudos to those involved with casting as every actor/actress, from the leading Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon, right down to those who were only in one or two scenes, did a really good job. There were a lot of confrontational emotions in this movie and the actors/actresses did a great job of getting me to empathize with their characters. I had a hard time believing that Laura Dern's young-looking character was Garfield's character's mother, but she acted well.

I felt that Bahrani struck a good balance between showing the audience Garfield's character's life with his family VS his professional life.

I found the music throughout the movie to be pretty appropriate. The music chosen for each scene complimented the dramatic tone of what was happening.

There were two things about the movie that bothered me enough to pull me out of the tense drama temporarily: (1) There were a couple of big coincidental moments (one of which is directly related to the final scene) that seemed a bit too fate-like. For a movie with the very real backdrop of the US housing market crash, and such believable characters, these unrealistic occurrences seemed out of place. (2) At one point, a montage format is used to quickly show Garfield's character go through a bunch of different exchanges with other characters. This quick cutting from scenario to scenario is a missed opportunity to fully immerse us viewers in a couple of heart-wrenching moments. As a result, the mixed emotions that I recognized I was supposed to feel weren't as strong as they could have been.

Overall, this drama was well done. I think it could have been better in some areas, but it was still a nice watch.

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