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Channing Tatum as Jenko
Seth Rogen as Morton Schmidt
Anna Faris as Anna
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SmashingUKProductions 9 / 10

Successfully Jumping Back On The Street

My initial expectations were that '22 Jump Street' would be an over-the- top and cheesy sequel created solely to make money... I was wrong. '22 Jump Street' truly builds on the basis of the first film, further expanding upon the bromantic chemistry between Tatum and Hill creating an even more solid sequel full of good-natured humour and relentless action that made its predecessor such a great film. With Ice Cube having more of an impact this time round, the trio pursue their leads to ensure the villains are brought to justice. The direction duo have pulled off another amazing film to add to their filmography, a truly impressive and hilariously funny film.

Reviewed by RustySpiderr 1 / 10

Total garbage

How on Earth is this film rated so highly? There's no true wit or intelligence within the script, it's just stupid, lame jokes & a lot of unnecessary swearing which the movie seems to think is funny. I'm not saying swearing doesn't have a place in film, but overusing them to this extent is extremely noticeable & came across as childish.

The story is about as boring and formulaic as they come. First act; they enter college, second act; their relationship is tested, third act; everything works out, happy ending. It's like they didn't even try to be different or original.

Every single character is a one-dimensional stereotype. They never exhibit traits that show any form of depth; they were all so formulaic it felt like all their actions were generated from a computer.

Overall, absolute piece of garbage. If you're American and enjoy flat-out idiotic humor devoid of any wit or intelligence, I recommend it, but otherwise stay away.

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