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Danny Huston as Jack Hussar Sr.
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jill D Squared 8 / 10

Subtle, clever and witty - brilliant!!

A rousing and energetic adaptation of Tolstoy's Two Hussars, Two Jacks succeeds on the level pure spectacle, but provides an unanticipated level of depth and humor as well.

Two Jacks includes an all-star cast headlined by Danny Huston and Sienna Miller. This feature is a fast-paced, glamorous and romantic vision of Tinseltown – old Hollywood glamor meets modern day La La land. The audience is enraptured by the brilliant cinematography through fast camera work and quick edits reminiscent of European cinema.

The story is of legendary film director Jack Hussar (Danny Huston), a notorious gambler and philanderer, returning to Los Angeles to obtain financing for his next film. During the course of one night, Jack charms the stunning Diana (Sienna Miller), makes his way around the party circuit, and narrowly escapes a brush with the law, before playing a high-stakes poker game at dawn. Cut to, years later when Jack Hussar Jr. (Jack Huston) arrives in Hollywood for his directorial debut, an older Diana (Jacqueline Bisset) finds her daughter falling for her former lover's son. Jack Jr is desperate to escape the footsteps and reputation of his father, therein is where the adventure lies. The subtle and witty writing and directing shown cleverly by characters behavior rather than words captures the human spirit that remains constant with time.

A must see!

Reviewed by Stewball 6 / 10


This father and son tale of 2 Jacks begins appropriately enough at a non-operating, nothing happening luggage turnstile in the L.A. airport. In between, interest mounts as the suave, feckless and restless father roams a nearly black and white Hollywood in search of financing for what apparently became an Oscar winning but off-screen unnamed effort--the financing for which hinged on a pair of jacks. The movie has its peak midstream with a semi-impromptu song and dance show stopper featuring an entrancing Izabella Miko--who is then unceremoniously, literally and inexplicably dumped, apparently to signal the movie's hyper-colored slide down the backside of the story into the son's not so deft experiences, ending at the same dull nothing happening turnstile where his father started.

Reviewed by billyjrsimpson 10 / 10

Legendary film director Jack Hussar returns to Hollywood looking to finance a new project.

A film about love, lost memories, and living up to expectations. Bernard Rose's 'Two Jacks', starring Dany Huston, Jack Huston, and Sienna miller, is an indie comedy drama based on Leo Tolstoy's iconic short story Two Hussars. It is the tale of legendary film director Jack Hussar (Danny Huston) who returns to Hollywood after a lengthy absence, looking to finance a new project. His return to the scene is met with awe and excitement. In a series of wild adventures, he hits the bottle, seduces a beautiful woman (Sienna Miller) and fights with studio execs, winning the money he needs in a poker game. Twenty years down the line, the filmmakers son (Jack Huston) comes to town to make his directorial debut amid curiosity as to whether he's inherited his fathers gift.

Two Jacks is the latest film in Bernard Rose's fascinating, ongoing Tolstoy project. It's sharply intelligent, ingenious and an insightful modern day adaptation of a Tolstoy's story. Dany Huston outlays a fanciful performance as the self absorbed, boozing, washed up director, who is seen as somewhat of a legend through the eyes of many in Hollywood. Jack Huston, portraying Jack Hussar JR, gives a great performance as the youthful, naive director trying to live up to his fathers name. The Two Jacks are very similar in nature, they are both party loving, alcohol drinking womanisers trying to make it in the nebulous business of Hollywood. And both actors do an outstanding job of portraying such characters. The film is visually stunning: the eye catching backdrop of the Hollywood Hills is matched by the spectacular costumes designed by Julia Clancy.

Two Jacks is Bernard Roses's fourth film in his Tolystoy series. A gripping adaptation that will no doubt have viewers captivated. Definitely worth a watch.

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